Hali-But Bites


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Here at Bob the Dog, we care about what matters – creating clean, high quality treats for your pets. Human grade and handmade, prepped and baked in our own kitchen with carefully selected ingredients… it doesn’t get more real than that!

Our Hali-But Bites are cut down teeny tiny to keep your pets focused on their lessons – this way you can continuously reward without over feeding.

Oh – you’ve given up on the whole training thing? No worries, you can still reward your pup just for being cute as often as you like!

$9.50 each or a 3 pack for $25.00 (great deal!)

Ingredients: Whole wheat flour, whole grain oats, halibut, homemade fish broth, farm fresh eggs, water, organic skim milk, vegetable oil


One Bag, Three Bags