English Training Leads (The Sandie Lead!)


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Woof! We were recently commissioned to do a special type of leash for a very special dog named Sandie.

The leash we were asked to do is an English Training Lead.  It functions as both a leash and a collar and is often referred to as a “training lead” or “slip lead”. They look like regular leashes, but they have a small metal ring at the end. You simply pull the leash through the metal ring in order to make a larger loop that slips around the dog’s neck. Easy on, easy off!

Sandie’s dad is our good friend and colleague Gord.  Gord has served 8 years in the military and 26 years as a Police Officer.  He also ran a Victims Services program for three years with the RCMP.

Combined with his career and as well as being the survivor of childhood abuse, Gord now experiences PTSD and OSI (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and Occupational Stress Injury).  Due to these conditions, Gord was matched with Sandie – a pure bred Yellow Labrador Retriever who is training to be his Service/Support Dog.

A Service Dog can be invaluable in providing emotional support and we are honoured to call this new addition to our family of leashes “The Sandie Lead”.  We all know the happiness and joy a pup brings to our lives and we wish Gord and Sandie much love and success in their new relationship!

The Sandie Lead is 5 feet in length and comes in blue/tan, pink/tan and straight black.


Blue/Tan, Pink/Tan, Black