Our Story:

Woof! I’m Bob the Dog and I was born on a farm in the Shuswap Lake area of beautiful British Columbia where I had lots of 4-legged brothers and sisters to play with. I came to the Big City to live with Ma and The Guy when I was almost 2 years old.

At first, I was scared of EVERYTHING…well, maybe not everything but… Stairs! Floors! Doors! Being alone! Riding in the car! OH! And Loud Noises! Especially FIRECRACKERS!! It took me awhile to figure things out, that’s for sure…

Ma and the Guy were intent on keeping me happy and healthy and were soon making human grade treats for me to snack on. With that came the idea of starting a business with me as their CEO (whatever that is) and luckily for them I am pretty business savvy so I quickly stepped up to take the position of OTT (Official Taste Tester).

Along with the treats, we knew we wanted to carry health and wellness products that would benefit both people and pets – so finding Hemp 4 Paws and their organic CBD products was the perfect partnership. Now I take CBD oil regularly to help with the things that make me anxious, especially when it comes to fireworks.

Ma is a super organized kind of gal, so she immediately started making lists to get us up and running while The Guy, who is more the creative type, quickly got started developing things like the Bob the Dog logo, and working on our beautiful handmade leashes and collars. Of course, I have my very own set that I wear proudly every single day…

We also knew that we wanted to provide over the top customer service. We treat every customer like family, which is easy to do when you genuinely care as much as we do. Without our customers, we are just a Ma, a Guy and a dog (a super cute dog, but still…!)

So now, lucky for me, I live in a home that has everything I could ever dream of. I get lots of homemade, human grade treats and we all use CBD products, even my aunties and grammas.

I oversee it all and keep everyone focused and laughing every single day – woof!