Our Story


When Bob became a part of our lives, we soon realized that he was much more than a furry companion.  He quickly became a friend and confidante, with his own personality (Eeyore comes to mind) and wicked sense of humor. 

He is now firmly integrated into our little North Shore household, and we can't imagine life without him.  If you are a pet owner, we’re sure you can relate.

At Bob the Dog we believe that our dogs are not just pets, they are a part of our families.  They deserve the same caring attention that any other family member gets, and that's why we at Bob the Dog only carry human grade homemade treats, and the best pet accessories.

Look over our locally made products and you'll see the care and love that goes into everything we make.  We proudly stand behind all of our items, and everything that we offer has been tested and approved by Bob himself!