Woof! I’m Bob the Dog and I live in North Vancouver with my Ma and The Guy.

Ma is really great, she feeds me and makes sure my water bowl is full all the time. She brushes me when I look like a raggedy hooligan and sometimes takes me for a bath.  It’s okay, I love her anyway…

And me and The Guy? We just have fun – every single day!

I was born on a great farm in the Shuswap area where I had lots of brothers and sisters. I came to the big city when I was 1 and a half and ha ha! Turns out I was scared of stairs, floors, doors, the living room, being alone, cars, kitchens and firecrackers.

It didn’t take me long to get it all figured out and now I’m a happy and healthy city dog with lots of friends and no fear!

Except maybe firecrackers 🙁

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